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Our motto? Keep it simple but meaningful.
We are committed to our clients’ success, and we create intelligent strategic concepts and beautiful graphics that communicate with one another. We offer a combination of the latest technologies, modern designs, high usability and effective online marketing.




  • Strategy consulting

  • Creating online and comprehensive marketing strategies

  • Brainstorming, conceptualisation, campaign design and implementation, selection of advertisements and channels

Our many years of experience show that strategic approaches and customized online marketing concepts are the key to success.

Knowledge gained from comprehensive research about your project or company is the base of everything. It is a process through which we can get to know the present-day topic, your goals, the framework conditions, the current communication – and based on these we develop a strategy in close cooperation.

These steps form the basis of a smooth and – most of all – flexible process, which is a key component of an integrated, multi-channel campaign.

Where, when and how can I best reach my target audience?

The channels become visible by analyzing the contact points of the customer journey. Communicating a clear message to the right target audience, at the right place and time is possible, through different channels.



graphic design

  • Logo design

  • Company & brand identity design

  • Graphic Design

  • Print project management

  • Packaging design, product identity

  • Screen design (web design, app design UIX)

Good art inspires; Good design motivates.  – Otl Aicher

Inspiration vs. Motivation The purpose of art is to be visually interesting, and ideally it inspires ideas which then generate emotional response. Design, on the other hand, is strategy. Its purpose is to make it possible for the user to do things more easily, to motivate them to act. It can be as simple as motivation for choosing your company over your competitors.


6 important characteristics of a good logo:

Functionality → conveying a message that is easy to read and understand

Quality of attention → being memorable, quickly recognizable

Aesthetics → having quality, symbolic and emotional content

Integration quality → the ability to insert the logo into the typographic frame and into various advertising media (corporate design)

Creative quality → synthesis of the content and the creative theme (e.g. product quality, company image, vision and topography)

Technical quality → problem-free execution in the desired display sizes and areas of use



Web & app development

  • Creating websites, webshops, landing pages

  • Application development

  • Unique development projects

Your website is your company’s showcase on the Internet, the first impulse and point of contact for customers – and it cannot be the last, we will take care of that. With more than 15 years of web development experience, we create websites that perfectly meet your goals and increase your webshop’s conversion rate.

Company presence, online shops, landing pages or multilingual, international websites that can be connected to different company systems and marketing tools – we offer the perfect combination of current technology, modern design, high usability and effective online marketing.




  • online marketing and communication strategy

  • planning and implementing complete

  • online marketing systems

  • social media content management (facebook, instagram, pinterest, tiktok, reddit, etc.)

  • content marketing

  • advertising management (Meta, Google Ads, banner campaigns)

  • newsletter systems

  • Influencer-Marketing und -Kampagnen

Content marketing in social media requires not only the use of cute pictures and memes, but also strategy, goals and quality. Our many years of experience show that content marketing works best if you do it the right way. With good strategy comes success – in the form of customers, sales, reach and a strong community.

You can count on us for one-time or continuous content creation and online communication management.

Generating clicks is easy, but we want more. Good online marketing brings relevant visitors to your website at the right moment. And that’s exactly what we are taking care of. With the help of Google Ads, online banners, social ads and content marketing, we bring people to your website who are interested in your products and services, and who will make purchases and fulfill other goals of yours. Regardless of whether you need a short-term advertising campaign or a long-term online campaign, we will develop a unique package for you – based on years of online experience.



photograpy, film


We provide comprehensive design solutions for corporate events or other large-scale occasions, sports events – we will take care of the whole branding process with complete graphical and online solutions, even with photography – so that you only have to deal with the organizing!

Product, location, event and portrait photography, image-film

If you feel that a well-known face could support your project or product with an online presence, there are plenty of options for starting an influencer campaign – we can help you with this too!


why maxdot?


We grew up digitally, we follow current trends and keep up with progression. All team members are professionally trained and professionals in their field.


You will find everything you need for a successful online or offline company presence in one place, saving you time and energy.


Honest and transparent communication is the cornerstone of our long-term, intensive partnerships.


Maintaining contact with our customers is of great importance to us – our method is not about explaining and educating, but cooperating.


We love what we do – this is reflected in the success of our projects.


In the world’s fastest growing industry, we are constantly training ourselves and combining the newest technologies with current trends